Prickett's Well front cover

Prickett’s Well
Intriguing… an absorbing tale of death… and life in Barbados
She was found at the bottom of a well in the middle of a cane field in St. Lucy, the northernmost parish of that most easterly Caribbean island, Barbados. She didn’t fit the description of any person reported missing.

“Who the body is?” Where was she from? Who killed her? How did she end up in that well?
The Detectives of the Northern division of the Royal Barbados Police Force are determined to find the answers. The search for the answers takes the reader on an interesting journey through areas of the island’s social history and into the contemporary interconnected international world.
Prickett’s Well is not a simple whodunit.

Prickett’s Well is the second book by
Edison T. Williams
author of
Facing North – Tales from Bathsheba – A collection of short stories.